We Provide a Range of Aerial Intelligence Solutions to Meet Your Specific Business Needs.

As an experienced, trusted and accredited data partner, we have the ability to offer scalable drone services that meet your specific business goals and requirements. From complete end-to-end aerial intelligence solutions, to support and training for in-house drone programs, we can provide a tailored service to meet your needs.

Aerial Photography

Our GPS assisted Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) with collision protection and active camera stabilisation are fitted with ultra-high resolution cameras capable of capturing images in 4K-UHD (ultra-high definition) resolution (3840 x 2160p) and are even capable of producing 3D images by taking a combination of photographs and using software to correct images for distortion using elevation data before stitching them together to create a truly breathtaking result, one that is simply not possible from ground shots alone.

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Asset Inspection

High definition imaging, 3D modelling and digital thermography are just some of the applications made affordably accessible through remotely piloted aircraft operations. Combining intelligence from all three methods provides technical engineers with quantitative and qualitative data facilitating faster decision-making, reducing maintenance and repair costs and extending the useful life of valuable assets.

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Building & Roof Inspection

Perform more regular inspections and extend the life of your building. Preventative maintenance can add decades to the useful life of commercial and residential buildings, not to mention the substantial cost savings associated with reducing energy loss and decreasing power usage.

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Drone Surveying

Easier, safer, more accurate surveys

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LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) provides more accurate Digital Terrain Models, especially for areas that contain dense vegetation.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can help first-responders, asset and facility managers to work smarter and identify risks earlier.

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