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Safer asset inspections.

Performing asset inspections is typically high-risk. Construction sites, stockpiles, telecommunication towers or just a building, can pose serious OH&S risks to your team, which can add significant resources, costs and time. Drones eliminate the need for elevated work platforms, scaffolding, scissor lifts and ladders to get the job done.

Get on the front foot and manage your assets proactively, not reactively.

Because of the relative cost-effectiveness of drones, you can inspect your assets more frequently. Coupled with high-resolution imagery, thermal imaging and 3D modelling, drones provide a much richer data-set that enables more effective decision making. Instead of reacting to issues that arise, aerial technology allows you to get on the front foot and proactively manage your assets.

Digitise your assets.

Traditional methods of capturing data about your assets can prove to be challenging and costly. Drones enable more accurate and comprehensive digital data about your assets in real-time, along with machine learning and predictive analytics. Easily access, annotate and share your data with your team via desktop. Better plan future capital expenditure, prioritise projects and identify potential issues earlier.

Our Industries


Our pre-construction surveys of solar sites and thermal imaging post-construction, ensures compliance with build requirements.

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Regular inspection of wind turbines using drones, prevents failures through early identification of defects.

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We work with water utility providers to update GIS databases, asset location, identification and the inspection of critical assets and infrastructure.

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Building & Construction

We help asset and facility managers understand the performance and depreciation of their assets through regular inspection regimes and dilapidation reporting.

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Commercial Real Estate

We work with commercial property managers to optimise the performance of their property assets and facilities using drones.

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We work with energy providers to improve the efficiency and safety of their infrastructure inspections.

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We work with telecommunication organisations to provide digital information about the condition and performance of their infrastructure.

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We Helped Western Water create an Asset Inspection solution.

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