More accurate Digital Terrain Models.

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Better predict vegetation management.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) has the unique advantage of being able to penetrate through dense vegetation unlike aerial photogrammetry. This allows for a more accurate Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for areas covered fully or partially by trees or vegetation. Without LiDAR, ground level readings are near impossible.

LiDAR is ideal for the regular inspection of power transmission lines to assess line sag and the proximity of vegetation to power lines. This provides energy providers with the ability to manage assets more proactively and predict potential outages.

3D point cloud data at your fingertips.

LiDAR has the ability to provide a dense cloud of millions of 3D points per second. Each point combines to create a rich 3D model of the target object or area. Through the use of Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and GNSS receivers, each measurement or data point can be georeferenced.

LiDAR point cloud data can also be used to map entire cities, assess infrastructure, and check tolerances between plans and as-built drawings on construction sites.

Our Industries


We work with energy providers to improve the efficiency and safety of their infrastructure inspections.

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We provide regular high-resolution imaging, volume metric calculations, 3D modelling and design plans, which helps mining managers to better understand the performance of their mine.

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Building & Construction

We help asset and facility managers understand the performance and depreciation of their assets through regular inspection regimes and dilapidation reporting.

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