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Ease of surveying

Traditional land surveying requires a team in the field, walking the land they are surveying, taking precise measurements, handling equipment, and dealing with potentially difficult terrain. It’s arduous work, especially when you consider all the features that need to be mapped on the land. By providing detailed aerial imagery of a property, surveyors can capture important data—from trees, to building locations, roads, and bodies of water, with much more ease.

More detailed data.

Drones can take high-definition photos at different angles, creating millions of data points, including georeferences, elevation points, and colours. High-resolution orthomosaics and 3D models allow you to see more detail than a traditional survey.

Improved safety.

Some surveys involve navigating challenging terrain that can be dangerous to survey. Surveyors can work safer by leaning on drones for research and mapping, thus reducing potential risks on rugged terrain. Drones are especially useful for mapping inaccessible or difficult to reach areas.

Our Industries


We provide timely, high resolution intelligence that helps farmers to identify crop health and stress through NDVI analysis.

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We work with energy providers to improve the efficiency and safety of their infrastructure inspections.

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We provide regular high-resolution imaging, volume metric calculations, 3D modelling and design plans, which helps mining managers to better understand the performance of their mine.

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Real Estate

We work with real estate agents to deliver high resolution aerial photography of residential properties, which enhances the property sales and marketing strategy.

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