Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can help first-responders, asset and facility managers to work smarter and identify risks earlier.

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Identify building and roof issues early.

Thermal imaging offers a range of benefits that conventional methods don’t. HVAC issues, surplus moisture, insulation defects and solar panel faults can all be assessed easily by air with a drone. This means that issues can be identified and rectified early, saving considerable time and costs.

See the bigger picture faster.

An aerial view can make a big difference, especially when it comes to natural disasters and events requiring insurance assessment. Drones fitted with thermal imaging cameras have the ability to quickly assess the extent of damage from overhead, be it water, fire or some other force.

Better enable first-responders.

When it comes to emergency services, time is literally a matter of life and death. The ability to survey large areas from the air using thermal imaging technology by search-and-rescue teams can expedite the search for missing persons. Thermal imaging can also help fire fighters to see through smoke and detect hotspots, illuminate night time operations and better inform their crews about changing fire conditions.

Our Industries


We provide timely, high resolution intelligence that helps farmers to identify crop health and stress through NDVI analysis.

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Commercial Real Estate

We work with commercial property managers to optimise the performance of their property assets and facilities using drones.

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Emergency Services

We work with first-responders and law enforcement to formulate strategy and training for personnel to use in a variety of applications.

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We help insurers in the expedition of claims, loss adjustment and assessment of damage, following natural disasters.

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We work with energy providers to improve the efficiency and safety of their infrastructure inspections.

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Our pre-construction surveys of solar sites and thermal imaging post-construction, ensures compliance with build requirements.

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We provide regular high-resolution imaging, volume metric calculations, 3D modelling and design plans, which helps mining managers to better understand the performance of their mine.

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